New in4D v19R5


4D View Pro.

Templates. Print Interface. And 20+ new features.

Why start from scratch when you can use 4D View Pro templates? Automatically populate business content with the right information for every situation — be it reports, invoices, contracts, or any other document type.

Enjoy enhanced printing capabilities and make sure your worksheets look good on paper with the different print settings made available.

And that's not all! More than 20 new features will help you accelerate your 4D View Pro development and deliver your best results effortlessly.

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4D Write Pro.

Do more with a product that goes all out.

Now more capable than ever with this release. Featuring table headers and linked paragraphs to create top-notch documents that are more organized and appealing to the eye.

And contexts that simplify access to data and open the world of ORDA and object-oriented development to 4D Write Pro templates. Whether you're dealing with letters, email campaigns, catalog generation, or invoice printing, access to data to be displayed or printed is made much more efficient.

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Slim down the size of your applications.

Does your 4D application have some libraries that are not used? Such as CEF/Web Area, PHP, Mecab, or 4D Updater? In that case, you might consider removing them for a lighter and leaner application. 4D allows you to do so.

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Diagnostic Logs.

Reorganized to alleviate your investigations.

Trace, Debug, Info, Warn, Error. Does it ring a bell? Yes, the log levels are a very convenient way to filter and make sense of logs to ease your troubleshooting mission. Now incorporated in this feature release along with improved logs content.

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4D language.

Keeps getting better to ease your coding experience.

You asked us for a lighter way to handle parameters, and we listened. This release has brought a new command allowing you to write a seamless, more elegant, and easier-to-read code. 

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Optimizations ahead!

ORDA is still opening a world of new possibilities in 4D through a set of features and tools that levels up your development experience.

And this time, we're going the extra mile by giving you complete control over the ORDA contexts and cache for both Client/Server and REST to improve performance.

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4D for Mobile.

Is embracing the dark (mode).

Team Android or Team iPhone? It doesn't matter; we've got you both covered.

The interface of the 4D for Android and 4D for iOS Editor is fully compatible in dark and light modes. As for 4D for Android, it's fully packed with features already available in 4D for iOS. 

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For partners: Starting with 4D v19 R4, we have monthly Hot Fixes for the current Feature Release. Learn more →