New in4D v19R3

One of the most feature-rich releases ever delivered.
With more than 20+ new functionalities.


How you build applications will not be the same.

A magic show awaits you with computed attributes.

This release has brought a breaking change to our development framework, and it has started a new era of conceiving 4D applications.

The days of defining business-related formulas in your 4D user interface are over; we offer you a new way to separate your business logic from the UI, enabling you to improve performance by optimizing the parts separately. Say hello to computed attributes in ORDA, Classes, iOS, and Android.

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Enlarge your programming horizons.

With a set of features by programmers for programmers

We are revamping your programming experience on many levels.

Starting with great news for ORDA developers: blobs are now fully supported in ORDA just like any other type.

Write faster with an improved code editor, and cleaner, more readable code with the possibility of accessing all the method parameters without any errors.

Display video conferencing directly in your web areas from different sources like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Strengthen your users' passwords with the mighty bcrypt algorithm. 

And we're just getting started! 

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iOS or Android? We have you covered for both.

A wide range of advances for world-class apps.

The feature set of 4D for iOS is constantly expanding. This time, we're giving you a way to easily interact with Apple's native apps. Searching for a phone number or email directly from Apple's Contacts app, automatically filling the app user's current location with contact information and addresses, is just a glimpse of what these modules allow you to do. And that's not all; we're bringing Custom Input Controls that will make your apps more dynamic than ever.

And if you are a 4D for Android developer, we believe it's time to test your app on an actual device before releasing it to users. It's straightforward: Plug your device and hit Run! It couldn't get any easier. 

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4D Write Pro. Better with every release.

For advanced and beautifully designed documents.

With many UI enhancements, developers are now able to subtly fine-tune their documents.

We understand that images are an essential part of documents and that positioning them correctly is key. That's why the 4D Write Pro interface component now offers a property dialog for images.

Did you say multi-column document? Yes, that's now possible too, thanks to continuous section breaks.

What about inserting a 4D Write Pro block inside another document, such as a 4D View Pro document? Or creating a picture of the first page for a fast preview, usable on both platforms and in a browser or mobile device? All of the above is now possible thanks to the new export to SVG format feature.

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