New in4D v19 R2


Say hello to 4D for Android.

And a predefined set of features for UX and productivity.

4D for Android is here and shipped with the most important features: Native app generation, plenty of ready-to-use templates and icons, search and formatting functionalities, authentication, and offline support!.

The cherry on the top? Now you can build native apps for both iOS and Android from the exact same mobile project. This is a big time-saving feature for those of you who already use 4D for iOS. To get the Android version of your app, all you need to do is open your existing mobile project and click “Build”.

And that's not all! New iOS and Android platforms features are now available, allowing you to customize your app’s color, adapt it to dark or light mode, sort its local data, and more.

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4D View Pro. Expanded capabilities.

For high-performance spreadsheets.

Starting with Pivot tables. If you have business people among your users, this feature is worth a try as it allows you to easily summarize and analyze data directly from the 4D View Pro Ribbon.

What about a good way to format data and show it to your customers using 4D View Pro? We have added support to CSV format import and export!

For those who love to get their hands dirty, we made available a set of commands to manage sheets with code, such as removing and hiding actions, to name a few. And for the others who prefer direct UI actions, we are providing a way to manage page breaks from the user interface, thanks to two new entries in the contextual menu!

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4D Write Pro. A picture is worth a thousand words.

With seven new display options.

We understand that adding pictures to your 4D Write Pro documents can be a great way to illustrate important information and add decorative accents to existing text.

For that reason, 4D Write Pro documents benefit from seven new formatting types for inline and anchored images.

Want more, the source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to adapt it to your needs!

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Developer-friendly tooling.

Incorporating best practices and more.

More Object-Oriented programming features that will please your developers. Beyond the storage aspect, memory management and speed performance will be greatly enhanced with the encapsulation of blobs in objects.

Save time and access the details of a class function without searching for it on the documentation site. One click is all it takes to get up and running.

Follow industry best practices by defining what not to track in a new project. A default .gitignore file is automatically added to the project folder with a list of files and folders to exclude.

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