Product Release Life Cycle

4D Product Release Cycle

4D’s product release cycle policy helps you make the right choice when it comes to deciding which version and model to use. For information about the naming and interval of our product releases, see below.

Feature Release: A new release that introduces significant new features in the platform, as well as updated libraries and system APIs, and bug fixes. It's delivered every three months.
Long Term Support Release: Also known as LTS-release. It includes bug fixes and library updates made to a previous release.
4D v18 LTS is 4D’s initial Long Term Support release.

If you need help selecting the release that's right for you, don’t hesitate to contact a sales representative. Please note that the Maintenance program gives you access to both Feature Release and Long Term Support product lines.

Product Line Feature Release 4D v19 LTS 4D v18 LTS 4D v17 4D v16 4D v15
Status Current Current Current Obsolete Obsolete Obsolete
Original release N/A 12 JUL 21 16 JAN 20 10 JUL 18 10 JAN 17 16 JUL 15
Latest Release 19 R8
(19 APR 23)
(20 MAR)
(16 JUN 21)
(3 DEC 20)
(24 JUL 19)
(25 APR 18)
End of Sales JUL 24 17 JUN 22 13 DEC 20 26 JUL 19 30 APR 18
End of Support JUL 24 17 JUN 22 13 DEC 20 26 JUL 19 30 APR 18
Latest Hotfix1 25 MAY 23 27 APR 23 10 FEB 22 31 AUG 20 21 MAY 19 29 JAN 18
End of Upgrades2 15 DEC 23 14 JUN 22 18 DEC 20 14 JUN 19

Archives: Older 4D versions


  • Version maintained under development, with fixes and improvements performed. Intermediary Hotfixes are provided to Partners.
  • Full-versions and upgrades to higher versions are available for sale.
  • Technical support guaranteed to be available.
  • Bug fixes are delivered:
    • LTS: in regular minor versions, Hotfixes and Nightly builds.
    • Feature Releases: Every 3 months with the next Feature Release, and every month with the Hotfixes for blocking deployment issues of the current Feature Release.


  • Development ended.
  • Full version sales and upgrades to higher versions scheduled to be phased out (see table).
  • Technical support no longer available, no new bug fixes will be issued.


  • Development ended.
  • All sales ended. Upgrades to higher versions no longer sold.
  • No technical support available.

1 Hotfixes are available to 4D Partners only. Learn more about the 4D Partner program.

2 The valid upgrade period for a product is the time in which an owner of said version may migrate to the latest version at reduced upgrade pricing. After this period, you must purchase a full license.