City of Dallas

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The City of Dallas, Texas, Water Utilities (DWU) uses XC2 "FOG" Software, built with 4D, to manage their proactive and very successful grease abatement program, "Cease the Grease". "FOG" stands for "Fats, Oil and Grease", materials that can cause sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). SSOs can result in property damage, strong odors, and environmental, health and safety problems. With 4300 miles of sewer line and over 6000 restaurants and other facilities that generate grease, it is a very big job to educate the public, regularly inspect these sites, and confirm that grease interceptors are being pumped out and maintained on a regular basis. DWU has been using XC2 "FOG" since 2005 to manage their thousands of inspections and track tens of thousands of hauling manifests each year. Inspectors can look up and enter inspection information for any of their restaurants in the field; when they return to the main office, all inspection information is synchronized with the main system.