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Be first to market without sacrificing excellence with Quality Assurance Automation Services. The main purpose of this service is to follow up and resolve deficiencies before they even happen. With this service, you can improve the efficiency and processes of your business application before the application release. 

Failure to test effectively can result in wasted time and money on properties not aligned with applications specifications and needs. Even looking at it from a purely client-serving perspective, customer trust and confidence would be sacrificed if you don’t offer a reliable product.

When to engage

No matter where you are in your application’s lifecycle, you can benefit from the Quality Assurance Automation Services to ensure application stability and performance. Not only do we find defects in the product, but we also evaluate the quality to meet customer’s expectations and improve processes and procedures.  

What do we deliver

Throughout implementation, you’ll receive reports and updates on the testing tasks, performed. From the Master Test Plan, Level Test Plan, and Level Test Procedure all of our deliverables conform to IEEE 829-2008. 

After the service has been completed, you'll receive the results of the designated testing activities, evaluations based on these results, the source code of the automated tests, as well as, the tools and scripts for proper tests functioning. 

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