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Take for example, a small office application that was developed by company X is used by 5 employees at any given time. Though it is always nice to optimize every query, it may not be necessary due to the fact that there are so few clients. The application runs well and there are no latency issues.

Later that year Company X gets acquired by Conglomerate Y and Conglomerate Y likes the Company X’s application and would like to use it globally and will need to have 500 simultaneous clients running Company X’s application at various sites.

Question, how does the developer ensure that their application will continue to work as well as it did with 500 clients connected? The developer would like to be able to resolve any possible issues before deploying globally. It is this reason that the 4D PS team has developed a test framework that is able to analyze the scalability of an application.

When to engage

The planning or during the early development phase of a project.

What we deliver

A document that describes:

1. A security audit containing the following:

  • The current security risks and strengths of the solution.
  • An action plan as to how to address the issues.

2. Load Testing:

  • Detailed monitoring of the 4D server for a targeted number of concurrent users.
  • Determination of the maximum number concurrent users along with a triage of the point(s) of failure.
  • Recommendations to optimization server settings.
  • Recommendations for requisite server hardware configurations.

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