Make 4D an integral part of your curriculum

Meet your priorities

Build your curriculum around solutions that simplify the development of powerful web, mobile, and client/server applications.

4D lets you to tackle all the concepts related to business application development: object oriented programming, SQL, relational databases, NoSQL, and more. Give your students the skills companies expect by providing them with a 360° overview of development and its challenges. They’ll be equipped with the skills they need to enter the industry and prepared to meet the most demanding challenges.

Train your students

Turn your students into seasoned, professionals. 4D’s approach focuses on simplifying the development of complex business applications. They’ll learn how to structure a database intuitively with a graphical editor and how to code in a powerful programming language. Your students will create solutions compatible with the best technologies on the market. They’ll discover and become familiar with the different types of servers – SQL and NoSQL – and relational databases.

Create business applications with an Agile methodology

Motivate your students by teaching them how to deliver powerful, functional applications in record time.

4D provides you with all the tools you need to quickly develop and deploy enterprise solutions: 4 powerful servers (data server, application server, web server, SQL server), a complete web development environment, mobile, client/server, and a powerful, intuitive programming language.

Students will work in an Agile environment and learn through projects, making them ready to hit the ground running when they enter the job market.

Consolidate your professional network

4D facilitates access to internships (or vocational training contracts) internationally for your students by relying on its global network. 4D customers include both small business and major corporations from every sector, whether it be aeronautics, healthcare, tourism or energy. By working with 4D partners, your students will understand the challenges of developing business applications that meet a company’s specific needs.

How our customers benefit from 4D

Our clients include schools and school districts, as well as specialized training institutes. They’ve made 4D an integral part of their curriculum, offering their students a real-world approach to developing business applications.

Get inspired by their experiences.

Arnaud Clérentin Head of Computer Science department, Amiens IUT

This partnership with a software publisher and application developers gives us total satisfaction in terms of teaching. And then the training in 4D sets us apart compared to other technical institutions: we bring students different skills that they can then promote to a new employer.

A passport for employment

Amiens is part of the new educational partnerships, pioneered by 4D, linking the academic world to the 4D ecosystem. Through training partnerships, developers are contributing to the emergence of a new generation of 4D developers.

Gautier Hergott Bachelor's, Internet and Mobile Media IUT Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges - 2016-2017

I had the opportunity to discover 4D during an App C/S and web development course with Mickaël Rottiers. I was immediately excited by the use of the platform, and its easily understandable and powerful language. An internship in a 4D development company allowed me to confirm my choice of career in the development world and in 4D projects.

Why 4D is the right choice for you

4D is ready to help you implement solutions adapted to your needs: specific pricing policy for education (whether you’re a student or a training organization); personalized training plans; or consulting with our experts to help you fully comprehend the extent of 4D programming.

Contact our consultants.

Equip your classrooms

Equip your establishment while controlling your investment. 4D makes it easy to acquire licenses at a preferred, educational institution rate. You’ll easily be able to deploy 4D on an unlimited number of workstations, on any type of platform.

Get insights from a 4D trainer

4D helps you design your curriculum. We’ll help you formulate a specific training plan and learning objectives for your students. You’ll be in touch with an authorized 4D trainer who can share their expertise on the 4D environment and professional technologies used to develop applications.

Accelerate your students' transition to the job marker

4D is a springboard for your student’s careers: they’ll graduate with insight into the real world challenges and technologies used in application development. They can tap into 4D’s global network to find an internship or launch their careers. 

Get personalized advice

Request to be contacted by our Education Accounts Manager who will listen to your needs and provide advice.

Solid experience and a vision for what’s ahead

Innovating to stay ahead of the curve: 4D draws its expertise from its ability to innovate and anticipate the needs of its customers and the market.

Top reasons to choose 4D