Optimize operations with turnkey solutions

Meet your priorities

Looking for customized solutions to better manage your educational institution? With 4D, you gain independence and freedom: develop your own solutions or adopt turnkey applications designed by our partners.

Benefit from the simplified development that has earned 4D its reputation over the past 30 years, while controlling investment and maintenance costs of your applications. Create or find solutions to administer your organization, share continuing education plans, manage your classrooms and schedules, or automate your library.

Greater Agility

Make the lives of your teachers, researchers, and administrative staff easier by providing them with customized tools to accelerate information sharing and facilitate collaboration. 4D lets you create customized solutions to simplify access to data: schedules, notes, absences, supply orders, security protocols, etc.

Special pricing

4D supports you and your projects with a specific pricing policy for education. Whether you’re a faculty administrator, professor, researcher or staff manager, you can take advantage of this special pricing to meet your needs and stay within your budget.

Low operating costs

4D gives you total visibility on your investments. Managing and maintaining your applications is simplified and no longer requires a database administrator - no additional costs to interface your applications with your IT system.

Why schools choose 4D

Our customers include schools and school districts, as well as specialized training institutes. They put 4D behind the wheel of their organization. Create or find the applications you need to manage your student records, track continuing education plans, or administer your resources and billing. You’re free to customize your applications based on your needs.

Get inspired by their experiences or take advantage of 4D turnkey solutions designed by our partners.

Why 4D is the right choice for education

Personalized advice

4D works hand-in-hand with the academic community. Our experts are here to advise you and help you find or design customized applications to meet your specific challenges.

Turnkey solutions

Choose a turnkey solution from a 4D partner. Leverage an immediately-functional tool that integrates the latest technological innovations that you can adapt and enrich according to your specific needs.

Grow with 4D

Researcher, teacher, professor or developer: 4D is the only platform that allows you to develop the solutions you need without getting bogged down in a complex and costly production process.

Get personalized advice

Request to be contacted by our Education Accounts Manager who will listen to your needs and provide advice.

Solid experience and a vision for what’s ahead

Innovating to stay ahead of the curve: 4D draws its expertise from its ability to innovate and anticipate the needs of its customers and the market.

Top reasons to choose 4D