Database Migration

4D Professional Services

The engineers at 4D are constantly making improvements to the product, be it new updated security features, enhancements to query performance, validating 4D’s compliance with the latest OS’s, or by making the product more robust. This is why 4D recommends their developers to always adopt a new version and release as quickly as possible

Migrating a database to a newer version can also prove to be a non-trivial task, depending on how old the 4D version is. For this reason, the 4D Professional Services team can work with the developer to ensure they are using the latest version of 4D and also ensure that the code is compliant with current best practices.

When to engage

The 4D migration service is predominantly intended for in-production 4D applications that require a major version upgrade. Engagement can take place at any point in the application’s development cycle.

What do we deliver

At the end of the engagement, you will receive:

  •  Your application that is fully functional in the latest version of 4D.
  •  A detailed report listing the modifications along with a detailed explanation of why they were necessary.

Get personalized advice

For more information regarding this service, contact your 4D sales representative.

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