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How do you give your best and deliver the applications your customers expect? You’re familiar with programming and managing databases, but you have to go further. The 4D environment gives you the freedom to design and develop powerful and customized applications.

4D gives you access to the best technologies and standards. You work in an intuitive environment, designed to simplify your tasks. You can quickly develop customized applications that deploy on the web, tablets, smartphones, or in a client/server configuration.

Open up unprecedented business opportunities and secure your business with 4D.

Appealing applications

Surprise your customers with a powerful, personalized app that gets the most out of their data. With 4D, you’ve got the best standards and technologies on the market. Whatever your development habits, you have full independence and work in an environment designed for efficiency.

Benefit from a relatively simple, yet powerful, programming language. You have complete autonomy to deliver top-notch applications for the web, smartphones, tablets or desktop computers… that require virtually no maintenance.

The best technologies

4D includes the latest technological innovations and incorporates the best standards, so you can focus on your customer’s needs.

Your production platform becomes more flexible, and you can broaden the scope of your services and generate new business.

Streamline processes

Increase productivity with 4D, an intuitive development environment, designed to put all the tools you need at your fingertips. Leverage wizards, macros, and form editors to speed up your production. Become more efficient and deliver customized, high-performance applications in record time.

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Why 4D is the right choice for you

Designing powerful applications tailored specifically for your customers, simplifying development and broadening your skill set - take advantage of new business opportunities and exciting new assignments with 4D.

Increase efficiency

All the tools you need to develop any type of project: 4D simplifies your production with an objects library and code that can be reused from one project to another. Transform your most-used functions into components and accelerate your development even more.

Acquire new skills

The 4D solution sets you free with your development, from the interfaces’ intuitive design to the optimized database management. The solution uses the top standards and technological innovations: you control the entire value chain of your development as you expand your know-how.

Exchange with the community

Collaborate with the community and learn from other developers and experts. 4D includes you access to our resources to support your development, and share tips and tricks that will take your applications to the next level.

Get personalized advice

Request contact with a 4D expert who will listen to your needs and provide advice or recommend an existing turnkey 4D solution developed by one of our partners.

Solid experience and a vision for what’s ahead

Innovating to stay ahead of the curve: 4D draws its expertise from its ability to innovate and anticipate the needs of its customers and the market.

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