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Track sales, manage contacts, handle invoices... everything you need in a native mobile app to perform business tasks right from your mobile device.

Break free from the shackles of your desk and conduct business on the go. You can easily interact with your business from anywhere, thanks to this intuitive, integrated-in-4D solution.

Whether you want to use an existing business app or create a new one from scratch, 4D has everything you need to quickly build and deliver native mobiles apps… without you needing any specific platform or framework knowledge

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Powered by 4D

The product is fully integrated in 4D.
In addition to easily building native mobile apps, this integration is ideal for harnessing the power of a platform that has been growing businesses for decades.


Build native apps

A native app provides access to all platform and device-specific features. You not only benefit from the security and data protection of 4D, building a native app allows you to easily follow a platform's guidelines and provide a stellar user experience. Native apps are also fit for being published on application stores and can now even be used on desktop operating systems – Apple M1 for iOS apps, ChromeOS for Android apps!

Move faster with No-Code

There’s no need to hire an expensive iOS or Android developer, because you can build native apps quickly and easily with clicks (not code)! Want to go even further? Build your app with no-code, then kick it into high gear by customizing the mobile app’s source code using Swift or Kotlin.


Increase productivity

Thanks to its integration in 4D, the product includes a growing number of predefined form templates and a large icon library to let you build mobile apps in record time!

Create superb mobile experiences

Take advantage of UI design, fully optimized for mobile devices to create a fantastic experience for your users .


Build apps without limits

A single 4D application can be enriched by as many mobile apps as you can conceive. Build apps dedicated to specific business units (e.g., Sales, Logistics, Accounting, etc.) or perhaps dedicated apps for internal or external users. Use specific features, targeting distinct user categories, delivered in as many companion mobile apps as you can imagine.


Simplified licensing

Licensing is as simple as development. A 4D Server v18 license is all you need to deploy your mobile apps. Your apps will share the same licenses as your 4D Remote.
No additional licenses are necessary!

"We tried to make an iOS application, but it took too much development time. So we tested 4D for iOS. This technology, fully integrated into 4D, allowed us to quickly create a mobile extension of our custom ERP, to manage our on-site interventions. This application, which runs on iPad, now replaces paper forms while avoiding duplicate, manual data entries. It also triggers invoicing at the end of the interventions".

Thomas Jung, director of the development department
Lineheart, Luxembourg.


Everything you need to know about 4D for Mobile

4D features on your mobile device

Packed with advanced features

Share content

With a single click, share the content you’re currently looking at with anyone.

Deep Linking

Send your user straight to the right place with a direct link to your app displaying the correct page.

Deliver Notifications

Send notifications and provide users with relevant information to engage with an app.

Offline Support

Have up-to-date data at hand… even when you’re offline.

Bar Code

Scan barcodes to search records in your data while you’re on the go.

Accept Signatures

Extend the capabilities of your app by including templates that use signature areas.

Capture Images

Add or replace pictures by selecting them directly from your library or using your camera.

Filter Data

Restrict access to data according to the user. Only the data that the user is authorized to access is available.

Display Location

Allow your users to touch an address on screen to automatically display a map showing the location.

User Management

Use authentication to determine the identity and legitimacy of the person trying to log into your app.

Interact with other apps

Add value to your app by using formatters to interact with other native apps (e.g., display your itinerary with Apple Map or dial a phone number).


Declare CRUD or custom actions for tables, selections, or entities and they’ll automatically display at the right place, even when offline.


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